Camila Harambour wins Sister Session


Sister Session Winners from left: Georgia Wheaty, Camilia Harambour, Angie Marino / photo_Jaanus Ree

Last year Simple Session, following other BMX events like Fise and BMX Masters, introduced a girls class for BMX: SisterSession. YeahZine put a call out there and eight talented girls enrolled in the contest. One by one they gave their all and set the standard for SisterSession. Camila Harambour from Chile won first place after doing a backflip!

The session was a big success and inspired many girl riders out there. And even more with the Sister Session documentary that was made during the contest days. A very successful first round it was indeed and more than enough reason to have another go and to bring about a SisterSession 2 in 2013.

This year twelve girls signed up, and eleven rode the contest. Every single one of them was super stoked to be there and wanted to give their best. There was only one thing standing in their way: A huge course, made solely to separate the men from the boys. So what would happen if you would unleash eleven girls in there? Were they really up to it?

Whilst observing the practice the course appeared to be too big of a challenge for some of the girls. Which was confirmed during the contest: There was a big gaping hole concerning the level of riding between the girls that did find their way around the course and the ones that didn’t. Some highlights: Georgia Wheaty’s backflip over the box, Shanice Silva Cruz trying a frontie out of the pool and Camila nailing the first ever toothpick hangover on the gnarly rail! In the end the girls were separated from the queens and again Camilla Harambour took the throne.

Sister Session queen Camila Harambour / photo_Andrew Brady_RideBMX

Sister Session gold medalist Camila Harambour / photo_Andrew Brady_RideBMX

All in all Simple Session is a great event that really supports the ladies in BMX. And it remains an huge inspiration for girls riding at all levels. Hopefully even more girls will register next year to keep the contest going and the level up and growing. Because it needs to. We can’t expect big events like Simple Session to support us if we don’t give our best. 

So girls…you know what to do: get to it, get on your bike, have fun and hopefully we’ll see you at SisterSession #3 next year!

The whole contest (except for the best trick) was recorded and can still be viewed over at

Contest results:
1 Camila Harambour CHI 387
2 Angie Marino USA 377
3 Georgia Wheaty GBR 369
4 Katya Kruglova RUS 357
5 Minato Oike JPN 350
6 Shanice Silva Cruz NED 344
7 Rebecca Berg GER 322
8 Ashley Armstrong GBR 319
9 Vanessa Gerner GER 304
10 Dorothea Dähn GER 284
11 Cédrine Tretout FRA 277


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