Pushing “Women in boardsports”

Women in Boardsports 2012, Credit: Alba PardoInspire "women in boardsports": Daniela Meyer and Carmela Fleury. Foto: privat

Inspire "women in boardsports": Daniela Meyer and Carmela Fleury. Foto: privat


“Women in boardsports” is an organization that supports, educates and inspires women in the boardsports industry. From 26th till 30nd September 2012 women are welcome to join the annual conference in Saas Fee (Switzerland) – so do XsportSisters. Co-Founder Carmela Fleury explains the aims of this ambitious project, because it is:


Where did the idea come from to organise „Women in boardsports“ and what’s the intention?
Carmela Fleury:
The idea actually came from Marika Borg from “Girlie Camps”. Daniela from Popcorn in Saas-Fee, Marika and I met at ISPO and decided to make it happen. In the end Marika stepped off for personal reasons but nevertheless she planted the seed.
The intention with WIB was to create a platform that would bring women from different geographical and professional backgrounds in boardsports together so they could network, share their experiences and hopefully walk away inspired. Whether it’s women in high managerial positions or standing on podiums at the Winter Olympics or freezing fingers snapping photos or writing articles or running a shop- they all have stories to share about their experiences in this male dominated industry. And it’s certainly not women gathering to complain about men. We talk very highly of the “good men” who recognize talent regardless of gender.

Which role do women play in the boardsports industry nowadays?
Carmela Fleury: I started snowboarding more than 15 years ago, back in the “shrink it and pink it”-era for the few token girls out there. Eventually even though there were less girls practicing the sports they were buying ‘the lifestyle’ just as much as the boys. Consequently there was a huge boom a couple of years ago when all the brands started paying attention to their female customers. Brands were suddenly hiring female designers, supporting their female athletes in their print ads, etc. With time, more and more girls started getting involved in the industry. Now it feels like things have settled and become more equal within companies (male to female ratio) and on the market (products for girls and boys).

Beautiful background for the all woman conference// photo: Alba Pardo

Who will be joining “women in boardsports”?
Carmela Fleury
: In the past, guest speakers have included Donna Carpenter – co-owner of Burton Snowboards, Maritxu Darrigrand of Roxy Europe, sports agent Circe Wallace, pro snowboarder Anne-Flore Marxer, olympic gold medalist Nicola Thost, Tanja Frieden and many more. This year the key note speakers are Deb Friedman – Action Sports Global Brand Manager from Nike 6.0 and the opinionated surfer Cori Schumacher - Women’s World Longboard Champion. Cori has never accepted any sponsorship so she can always speak her mind. We can’t wait to hear their presentations.

Tell us about the programme! What’s planned?
Carmela Fleury
: There are lot of fun things planned. Let’s see interesting presentations by experts in the industry, panel discussions with professional snowboarders, skateboarders and surfers, workshops led by life coaches, sports psychologists and business school professors. On top of snowboarding the glacier, enjoying yoga classes, spa time, massages, and delicious food such as cheese fondue!

Is there still the chance to join the event?
Carmela Fleury
: Yes absolutely! Sign up via womeninboardsports.blogspot.com or www.facebook.com/WOMENinBOARDSPORTS . See you soon!

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