Female BMX: “The vibe is so good!”

Role Models for female riders and editors of "Yeah Zine": Angie Marino (left) and Nina Buitrago. Photo: Yeah Zine

Role Models for female riders and editors of "Yeah Zine": Angie Marino (left) and Nina Buitrago. Photo: Yeah Zine

“Angie Marino and Nina Buitrago!” That’s an answer you often get when asking young female BMX-Riders after their role-models. A good reason for XsportSisters to get to know more about these great riders, who push female BMX-scenes all over the world by publishing the “Yeah Zine”. Hopefully we’ll meet Angie and Nina in Cologne at the BMX Worlds (13. – 15. Juli 2012).

Do you think that more girls get nowadys into BMX than in the past?


Angie: For sure! I think there is multiple reasons. The internet is a main factor now a days. Girls can go to websites like yeahzine.com and girlsriders.org and can relate to other girls riders. Each year there is more and more opportunities for the girls of BMX. Events such as FISE and the Nike 6.0 HB have added girls this year. Hopefully more and more opportunities keep coming up for the ladies in the future. :)

Nina : Yes, more girls are starting to ride and a lot of them are inspired by the growing number of girls who are already riding

”Male riders are far better than female riders” is a statement girls often hear. What’s your opinion?

Angie: I agree, but to a certain extent. There is a lot of girls who are a lot better than dudes as well. I think it is expected from some, that the girl pros should be on the same level as the pro guys to have a spot on the  team. Which I think it ridiculous, we are all still progressing, some of us haven’t been riding as long as the dudes. I kind of think of it as look at some of the videos from the first years of mens BMX in the X Games. No one was doing flairs or triple whips. Their big tricks were stuff like x ups and simple backflips. That was their stepping stone and I believe this is ours.

Nina: I agree but with all due respect, girls who are riding now have not been into BMX nearly as long (as the guys)

You’re both advocates of “Girls Classes” at BMX-Competitions. Why?

Angie : After a couple years of being into riding BMX, I traveled to contests hours away just to ride with Nina or other girls. Since then I have really been hooked. The vibe is so good when you get to ride with more than one or two girl riders. It’s so awesome to see everyone push each other in ways that the boys can’t. Also, I have noticed that since we have more opportunities to ride in events and stuff the more girls get involved and want to be apart of BMX.

Nina: When I first started, there weren’t any “girls classes” and I always rode against the guys. But now that there are “girls classes” popping up and with so many more girls riding nowadays it seems that girls aren’t as intimidated to compete against other.  The girls class category is helping more girls get into competing.

How can “Girls Classes” support female riders?

Nina: I feel that “girls classes” helps us gal riders, first off that it brings us all together (rare to get us all In the same place), secondly inspires us to push ourselves a bit harder and support each other to go bigger everytime. Girls classes also benefit us sometimes because it’s great exposure for the world to see that girls actually do ride and can ride well!

In Germany successful sportswomen regularly appear (half-)naked in male magazines. What are your experiences in the BMX-scene and with sponsorship: Do sex-appeal and good looks matter a lot – and what do you think about that?

Angie: For the most part, girl riders who are sponsored now a days have earned the spot on the team, but I can definitely name a couple that have gotten sponsored mainly because they are half naked in pictures on the web and that. For some companies they see that as easy marketing and just put them on the team. Which in a way it is good because it is still helping the growth of girls BMX, but at the same time from my point of view it’s not respectable.

Nina: well, as far as marketing and sponsorship opportunities in BMX, it has not been until recently have we seen some girls getting exposure based off good looks and sex appeal vs. their overall abilities on a bike. For most of us girl riders, those things are definitely and obviously not our  main focus but it is nice to know we can still clean up nice and be sexy when we are not riding.  With any sport though, it seems good looks and sex appeal make you more marketable.  However I don’t feel it helps girls BMX much at this point anyway to be appearing half naked until we have established ourselves and earned overall respect.

With other female riders you’ve found the Yeah Zine. What were the reasons? Tell us more!

Nina: I used to do another girls BMX zine called “emerald Nation” from about 2003-2008. Life kind of got in the way, computer died and i moved around a lot,  went on a bit of a hiatus. 2009-2010, Angie started coming to Ohio a lot to ride and we were hanging out a bunch and got excited to start a new girls BMX zine. Unsure of what to call It we just went with what we said the most to each other all day every sesh, “yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” but this zine kicks ass way more because there’s a blog that is updated on the regular, can purchase issues stickers and tees online, it’s the current go to spot for happenings in girls BMX media, trips, videos and links.

What can we read in the current issue?

Nina: The most recent issue we held a photo contest. Girls from all over the world submitted their best photos the winner was featured on the cover, runner up has a button made of the photo, and we published all of the entries in addition to some writeups, awesome roadtrip stories, girl rider ads and bike checks.  Issue four out September 2011. www.yeahzine.bigcartel.com

Female BMX riders seem to build up a global network via Internet…

Angie: For the most part that is true. It is so easy to google, youtube, or facebook other girls now. Which in a way is great, you can relate to someone via internet and maybe give yourself more confidence to keep riding. www.yeahzine.com, www.magnoliabmx.org, www.girlsriders.org, and www.mizzi.at are the main ones that keep they sites the most up to date. If you are looking to get a bit more personal, there are links to individual rider blogs on majority of the sites.

Are you coming to the BMX Masters in Cologne this year?

Angie: I some how managed to get a flight, so i’ll see ya guys soon!
Nina: I am going to try my hardest to make it there! I just moved, $ is a bit tight, but would love to support girls class, 2010 masters was by far the most progressive and fun girls class to date!

What are you plans for the future?

Angie: Keep traveling and riding as much as possible! Hopefully make it out to most of the girl events this year as well.
Nina: working on filming and traveling as much as possible


Nina’s Profile:
Nina Buitrago
Date of Birth:
June 14, 1981
You live currently in
. . .Austin, TX
You were born in
. . .Denver, CO
: BMX shredder and restaurant server
Started riding BMX in the age of
BMX-trick I love most:
Wish for the future:
be able to shred forever!

Angie’s Profile:
Angie Marie Marino
Date of Birth:
March 27th, 1990
You live currently in
: Gypsy life at the moment! Ha
You were born in
: Buffalo, New York
: BMX, Yeah Zine
Started riding BMX in the age of
: 15
BMX-trick I love most:
Tuck no handers
Wish for the future
: Be able to ride and walk when I am older! Hah!

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