Longboard Camp for women!

SIXXA-Longboard-Camp is for women - organized by women. Foto: SIXXA

SIXXA-Longboard-Camp is for women - organized by women. Foto: SIXXA

A women’s longboard camp will take place on a stunning Slovenian mountain road near the village of Osilnica from 10th till 5th of August 2012. Female longboarders will experience one week of downhill, slide, slalom and freeride skateboarding – organised by women for women.

SIXXA, the Austrian streetwear brand for women and crew presents a week of skateboarding in a relaxed, all-female environment. The camp is organised with the intention to pass on longboarding skills to beginners and advanced female riders. Participants will be able to improve their skills, whether beginner’s basics such as foot raking or more advanced manoeuvres such as sliding, cornering, pack riding and drafting.

The sessions will be tailored in regard to the participants’ level of ability.  All instructors have been active within boardsports for several years, including competitive riding and are some of the best coaches available. Legendary downhill and slalom World Cup champion Bettina Luginbühl from Switzerland is just one example of the women that have now teamed up to pass on their skills during the one-week camp.

The camp will be held in the beautiful settings of the dreamy Slovenian village of Osilnica, surrounded by great roads to skate. The road for the camp is closed to traffic during the week and the groups are kept to a maximum of seven riders per instructor allowing for an excellent training ground. A trip to the local spa and daily yoga sessions are also part of the package.

Participants must be over the age of 18 and all level of abilities and disciplines are welcome. Own equipment is not a must. The sponsors generously supply a high quality set up to take home including a Fibertec deck, mounted on Sabre trucks and rounded of with Orangatang wheels.

When? August 05-10, 2012
Where? Osilnica, Slovenia
More information? http://www.womenlongboardcamp.com
Contact? hello@womenlongboardcamp.com

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